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Dw Drum Workshop Thin Aluminum Snare Drum

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Drum Workshop Thin Aluminum Snare Drum

Players from all different styles and genres have loved aluminum snares for their focused sound, sharp crack, unsurpassed projection and reliability. These drums have stood the test of time and have come to be known as the perfect workhorse drum. John Bonham used one as part of Led ZeppelinÕs legendary rhythm section, Joe Morello used one on the jazz classic ÒTake FiveÓ, Dave Grohl has used one in various projects, the list goes on and on. Now DW has released their take on this classic alloy.

The Drum Workshop Thin Aluminum Snare Drum is an instant classic. This drum is loud with a sharp rim-shot and vast dynamic range. This drum features a 1mm rolled shell with rolled bearing edges and snare beds for an unsurpassed sound and crisp response. The bead-less shell offers a more resonant tone with added overtones, giving you a wide range of sound that will allow you to get the perfect snare sound every time. ThatÕs what makes this drum so versatile.

DW didnÕt skimp out on the hardware either, no sir. These drums have all of the same high end features youÕve come to know and love about the collectorÕs series. First things first, these drums feature DWÕs classic turret lug design. These lugs were originally pioneered by George Way, and deliver precise and stable tuning while minimizing the weight being added to the shell. This gives you a more resonant, open note in addition to giving the drum a cool look. Next up, they put their signature MAG throw-off and 3-point butt-plate on these drums. The MAG is one of the top throw-offs on the market today and for good reason, this thing holds up under any circumstances. The term MAG actually refers to the magnetic latch used to keep the switch in place. This guarantees that the snares will only be released when you want them to! The 3-point butt-plate is also another modern miracle of innovation. This allows you to adjust your snare tension faster than you can say Òsalsa verdeÓ. HereÕs how it works, set your normal snare tension right in the middle. If you push the lever to the right, you snares will tighten and youÕll get that perfect hip-hop sound. If you switch the lever to the left the snares will loosen and youÕll get a deep, bucket snare sound with a crisp, rattling texture to it. This perfect for anyone who wants to get multiple snare sounds out of a drum during a song. This snare also features True-Hoops for a lively, vibrant sound while still giving us that sharp crack we all want out of our drums. The added weight of the hoops also helps keep the drum in tune longer.
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