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E Flat 6'x2'X1inch Pack of 9 Acoustic Panels

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The E Flat range of Acoustic Panels are high performance wall-mounted panels that are elegant, light-weight, durable and easily installable. They are extremely effective in controlling undesired smearing specular reflections from the first and second reflection points of the walls and the ceiling, eliminating flutter echoes, and reducing the reverberation time of the room favourably.
E Flat Home Series of Acoustic Panels are ideal for improving the acoustic quality of Home Studios, Home theatres, Practice Pads and Audiophile rooms. The panels are designed and optimised for a “Live-End-Dead-End” arrangement and proffer the ideal degree of sound absorption to enable a psycho-acoustically pleasant listening experience while utilizing only limited surface area coverage.
Further, paired with the E Flat Panoramic Diffusers Series, they bring you a combination of an unparalleled listening experience free of room anomalies, but with an added spaciousness and clarity in soundstage and stereo-imaging, both of which are essential to a good listening environment.
Adorned with a specially curated acoustically transparent fabric, these panels are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean by dusting or damp wiping, while ensuring optimal performance.
The fabric colours available are Wine Red, Dusk Grey, Classic Grey, Coal Black, Denim Blue and Arctic Blue.

E Flat Acoustic Panels Features:

  • Dimensions are 72” x 25.4” x 1”. Please note, sizes may vary up to +/- 1 inch (on the length and breadth of the panel).
  • Square footage covered is around 108 sq. ft for a box of 9 panels.
  • Light-weight and easy to install.
  • Two stage fiber-trapping layer around glasswool which encapsulates fibers whilst being acoustically transparent. 
  • Each pack comes with one Acoustic panel with a ceiling-fitting option, to be fixed at the ceiling reflection point above the listening position
  • High quality hardwood frame for durability. 
  • Elegant durable fabric which is easy to clean. Clean only by dusting or damp-wiping. Care should be taken not to vacuum clean.
  • Care should be taken not to install the optional ceiling acoustic panel above ceiling fans.

Package contents:
9 panels, 4 wall screws for each panel, wood anchors, 6 ceiling hooks as required for optional ceiling panel installation, and 6 removable hoisting “ring-and-hook” mechanisms (already installed on the optional ceiling panel).

Mounted onto the wall via screws provided, and optionally on the ceiling via hooks provided.


  • Well suited for Practice rooms, Jam Pads, Home Studios, Home Theatres, Offices, Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls, Dance Studios, Listening Spaces, Post Production Studios, Hi-Fi Rooms, and Rehearsal Rooms
  • More information on E Flat Acoustical Panels
  • E Flat Acoustic Panels are high fidelity acoustic panels that use porous absorption technology.
  • E Flat Acoustic Panels use only the finest grade glasswool carefully selected to provide optimal sound absorption. This glasswool is environment friendly, contains minimum levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), is outgassed before installation, is bio-soluble and structurally durable to ensure longevity.
  • Each panel is equipped with a double stage fiber-trapping hydrophobic porous membrane that ensures acoustic transparency whilst keeping the fibers encapsulated. 

NOTE: Care should be taken not to vacuum clean these panels as this can rupture the complex structural tortuosity of the glasswool and damage the fiber trapping membrane resulting in decreased performance. Care should also be taken not to place the optional ceiling panels above fans as this can hinder performance. Our products are handmade by skilled wood artisans making each piece unique. Photographs are indicative of the products.

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