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Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Combo Amplifier 40W 1x12inch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hubert Tassin
Excellent amplifier

Excellent, excellent amplifier... The channel 1 is very warm, while the channel 2 can be easily set as a second tighter clean channel with more midrange. It can also be used as a foot-switchable low gain-ish channel (footswitch included). The tolex looks damn gorgeous, but be careful if you live in a very humid place, as mold loves it too. It can be easily protected with a monthly preventive clean-up with Borax though, or with a one-time Shellac coating. Finally, it takes pedals very well, has a real spring reverb tank and an FX loop... what more can one ask for?!

Soumya Koley
This amp roars!

this amp is loud and heavy. it took me some time to dial in the sound that I was looking for. After that I am amazed with the warm full tone of this amp and to get right sound I just need to play with my volume and tone controls on my guitar. This is the character of tube amplifier.It is very easy to go from pristine clean sound to tube breakup using controls on guitar. To get fender-y twangy clean dial treble higher 8/9 and when rolled off to 5/6 it sounds full. The bass can be booming if it's dialed high (I think that's due to cabinet and may be the place where I set this amp). The clean channel also got a bright switch which takes some warmth from your tone, I do not use this at all.Another great feature is the fender spring reverb, this fill the surrounding air with warm notes that are hit.The drive channel just drives your sound and take off some low ends from it. To get full driven tone it needs drive/overdrive/distortion pedals.It takes pedals very well. I found most people say it is not for hard/heavy sound but that's not true. Just the guitar and amp will not give you heavy overdriven sound it's blues amp after all. But if you have overdrive and distortion pedals it's not hard to play your riffs for others to jump, it's a loud beast. And the good thing is you can boost drive channel with drive, boost or distortion pedals to get modern hard rock or heavy metal sound. At least I am using my pedals and I may buy another pedal as I got a good reason to sell my modelling stompboxes.Also there comes a nice cover and footswitch with it.Finally thanks to baajao for the great price offer, I was initially shocked and suspicious with the price offered. I am very satisfied with the packing, delivery and support by bajaao.

Donal Rodrigues
Great Amp

If you are looking for a great tube amp in a lower price range, look no further! This amp is awesome!! Bright highs, strong lows, and everything in between. It amazing and im really happy with this amp. Value for money