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Fender SA105CE Electro - Acoustic Guitar - Sunburst - Open Box B Stock

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Fender SA105CE Electro - Acoustic Guitar - Sunburst - Open Box B Stock Overview:

Open Box Gear are products returned by customers, and are inspected and certified by Bajaao to be in full working order. Products may have minor scratches, dents, missing or damaged original box, or missing manuals, cables or accessories. Please review each product's specific condition listed below. All Open Box sales are final.
Open Box deals are great for those willing to overlook minor cosmetic flaws, for a fully functional product at a discounted price


Condition:Minor crack near the battery compartment,very slight bridge opening


Condition:Minor scratch on the lower body(near bridge), minor cracks in the bridge between bridge pins


Condition:Minor dent on back of the head stock


Condition:Minor crack on bridge & scratch mark on the back body


Condition:Minor scratch mark on the body


Condition:Minor dent/chip on the fretboard near inlays,very minor scratches all over the front and back of the guitar


Condition:All frets slightly rusted,minor discolouration on the upper bout edge(rear), minor crack on the bridge,slight discolouration on near neck joint


Condition: Two very minor cracks/dents on the 9th fret,of the fretboard


Condition:Minor dent on the fretboard(12th fret), minor scratches all over the front and back of the guitar


Condition:All frets with minor rusting,minor crack near top nut(both sides),minor discolouration on upper bout cutaway


Condition:Minor discolouration upper bout(back edge,cutaway and non cutaway side), few minor scratches all over back,all frets with minor rusting


Condition:All frets rusted,discolouration on cutaway(upper bout,cutaway and non cutaway side) backside,box damage few ,minor scratches on the back 


Condition:Minor bridge opening, small cracks in the bridge between bridge pins, all frets with minor  oxididation/rusting, minor discolouration near headstock 6th machine head, and upper bout(near cut away) at the front binding edge


Condition:Minor bridge opening, all frets oxidised,minor discolouration near the neck joint,few minor scratches near the neck joint


Condition:Few minor scratches on the back of the guitar, minor rusting on all frets


Condition:All frets slightly rusted, minor discolouration on headstock edge(near "D" tuning peg),few minor scratches all over the back of the guitar


Condition:Minor scratches all over the body(back), slight discolouration/finishing error near the neck joint


Condition:Box Damaged,minor cracks between the bridge pins,all frets with minor rusting,minor discolouration on the cutaway(front side)


Condition:Minor scratch on heastock,minor rusting on all frets,slight scratch on 10th fret,minor discoluration on cutaway and bottom bout


Condition:Minor scratch mark on back body


Condition:Minor discolouration and wear, at the base of neck joint, minor rusting on all frets


Condition:Minor finishing error on fretboard bindng


Condition:Scratch on back body and Finishing error on neck joint


Condition:Minor cracks in the bridge between the bridgepins, minor discolouration on the upper bout(non cutaway side) as well as on bottom bout(on binding)


Condition:Scratch on lower body


Condition:Finishing error on neck and minor scratches on back body


Condition:Bulge near bridge



Fender SA105CE Electro - Acoustic Guitar
Featuring the Fishman Isys-T pickup system

The Fender SA105CE Electro - Acoustic Guitar is built with excellent craftsmanship and functionality. The body of this instrument is constructed from nato wood, which imparts a warm yet darker tone. The laminated spruce top delivers vibrant and bright tonal output. The Fishman Isys-T pickup system used in this instrument features a pre-amplifier, a three-band tone control, and a useful tuner. This guitar is an ideal pick for passionate beginners and music aficionados alike.

Quality and Sound

The body of this instrument is crafted to precision using nato wood. This tonewood imparts a warm and dark tone. It contributes to overtone coloration with high velocity. A warmer tone with a full, rich mid-range is produced by this instrument. Additionally, nato wood is known for its durability and sturdiness. This lets you use the instrument for a longer time. It also provides sustain with biting rock sound and focused midrange. In addition to this, the top of the guitar is built using laminated spruce wood, which imparts a rich and clear bodied sound that is suitable for various musical styles.

Enjoy Convenient Strumming

The Fender SA105CE Electro Acoustic guitar features a meticulous construction using nato wood. The nato wood offers sturdiness to the overall construction and lets you play with comfort. Nato wood imparts a dark and warm tonal output. Additionally, mahogany wood provides durability that enables you to play the instrument without the fear of being damaged. Furthermore, the fretboard is constructed from Painted maple, which imparts rich and fuller sounds with enhanced sustain. When you touch the fretboard, you feel the woody sensation on your fingertips. Painted maple cleans out stray overtones to make the tone sound clearer.

Vintage Performance

This instrument is equipped with the Fishman ISYS-T pickup system with an integrated tuner for accurate phase control and tone shaping. The built-in tuner offers guitar’s original vintage tones with precise tuning that lets you create your own unique sound.

Play Well

This electro acoustic guitar is fitted with a painted maple bridge that offers reduced tension on the strings and keeps finger fatigue at bay. The die-cast chrome tuners ensure optimum tuning stability by providing an optimum gear ratio.

Choose the best

This guitar sports a cutaway with dreadnought shape that makes it an ideal pick for flat pickers and strummers. The cutaway design makes it suitable for easy access to the top frets, thus offers ease-of-play. This guitar is available in black, natural and sunburst finishes.


  • Cutaway
  • Dreadnought shape
  • Laminated spruce top
  • Back & Sides are made from laminated Nato
  • Nato neck
  • Painted maple bridge with compensierter Stegeinlage
  • Die cast tuners
  • Fishman ISYS-T pickup system with integrated tuner


Body Construction:

  • Body: Laminated Nato
  • Top: Laminated Spruce
  • Body Type: Dreadnought Cutaway

Neck Specifications:

  • Neck Material: Nato
  • Frets: 20 frets
  • Fretboard: Painted maple
  • Scale: 643mm
  • Nut Width: 43mm
  • Strings: 6-strings


  • Pickups: Fishman Isys-T Pickup System with Integrated Tuner


  • Bridge: Painted maple with Compensierter Stegeinlage
  • Tuners: Die Cast



This product includes Beginner's Guide to Learning Guitar E-book

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Nice guitar

I purchased guitar from bajao , it was the nice deal , but delivered very late

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