Fulltone 15 Feet Gold Standard Straight Guitar Instrument Cable

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Cables have a way of putting their own unique stamp on your sound and they do all sound just a little bit different from one another. Some have too much Highs, some not enough, while others have tremendous Bottom-end, at the same time sounding flat and lifeless! Fulltone's Gold Standard™ low-capacitance cables with Gold-Plated ends keep the higher frequencies intact over longer lengths of cord without sounding shrill.
Having said that, a cable that passes more Highs and Lows does not necessarily result in a cable that sounds best for guitar and bass applications, as evidenced by the many expensive cables you may have tried and rejected! I designed the Fulltone Gold Standard™ specifically for guitarists and bassists, choosing all materials (oxygen-free copper, shield, etc.), construction methods, and plating for a sound not only strong in Lows and Highs, but also rich in the Mid frequencies where all the complex overtones lie, a crucial area often overlooked by other "premium" cables.

Fulltone GS15-SS Features:

  • Model: GS15-SS
  • Length: 15 Feet
  • Configuration: Straight to Straight
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Dual-Conductor Core


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