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Hohner Puck C Harmonica/Mouthorgan

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Buy Hohner Puck C Harmonica/Mouthorgan online in India - India's music equipment superstore.

Hohner diatonic harmonicas/mouthorgans are of the highest quality and combine excellent response with great sound. These Richter harmonicas are single note instruments and can be recognized by their undivided channel openings, which allow the airflow to pass over both blow and draw reeds simultaneously. This permits the techniques known as bending, enabling the player to lower the pitch of certain notes and produce the typical bluesy wailing sound, and overblowing, which produces the missing chromatic notes lying in between the notes of the major scale to which the harmonica is tuned. Richter harmonicas are often referred to as ‘Blues Harps’ and are mainly used as melody instruments in blues, folk, country and rock music.

Hohner Puck Harmonica. Named after the mischievous sprite from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, this petite diatonic harmonica has stainless steel covers and a plastic comb. Less than three inches long, the bright-sounding Puck is small enough to tuck into even the smallest shirt pocket! In the key of C.

Brilliant for the blues

Small in size and fits nicely in a pocket

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Customer Reviews

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It's OK!

Decent for the price. Compact and handy though. Happy to play it.


This is truly a must have

still a puck

Its a Hohner harmonica but its not German made. its like an inexpensive trial version harmonica for those who are just trying out harmonica's. i don't know if beginners will like it or not, but you should go for some higher German made Hohner harmonica if you are serious about harmonica's.

value for the money

a good product for the money

What we pay is what we get.

It was a little thicker than I expected but that's not a problem. It's a little hard for me to play the end notes since the gaps are tiny but we can adapt and improve with time. I'm not a pro player so I just take it in my pocket wherever I go for fun and that does it for me.

Its bad

I didn't like it that much

The reeds are not fully

The reeds are not fully playable due to the size of the organ. I had the similar organ in the 1960s when i used to play the same. I even had an echophone and now i only have an old Chromonica with press switch. Thankyou for your concern.

very nice product

You will get the best online price for this product. It is very nice and easily operationable especially for a newbie like me. The budget is also appropriate!