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Korg Pitchblack Portable PB04 Black Electronic Guitar/Bass Tuner

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  • Korg Pitchblack Portable PB04 Black Electronic Guitar/Bass Tuner

    Korg Pitchblack Portable PB04 electronic tuner, finished in Black, offers quick and easy polyphonic tuning for Guitar and Bass. Korg Pitchblack Portable PB04 Black tuners also feature a high-brightness LED display, which provides excellent visibility even on the darkest of gigs. Pitchblack Portable also includes a cable checker function and its tough aluminium chassis makes this tuner the ideal choice for stage or studio use.

    Korg Pitchblack Portable comes loaded with the same newly-developed polyphonic tuning functionality as found on the pitchblack Poly. This allows you to play all open strings at once and the polyphonic meter (green/red) in the lower part of the unit will illuminate, showing you at a glance which strings require tuning. You can also play an individual string and use the large meter for conventional chromatic tuning.

    There are also three meter display modes, Regular, Strobe and Half Strobe. Regular functions as a needle-type meter tuner, simply tune the string so that the white LED in the center of the meter is lit. Strobe allows you to tune the string so that the LED meter illumination stops flowing, whereas with Half Strobe the LED meter illumination stops flowing and only the centre white LED is illuminated.

    Korg's proprietary functionality will automatically detect whether the input signal is a guitar or bass (4-6 basses are supported). In addition to regular tuning, it's also easy to choose alternative tunings such as flat, capo, or drop-D. Pitchblack Portable is designed with a buffered output to minimize any change or additional noise in the audio input signal. There's also a Mute function that lets you tune without producing sound from the OUTPUT jack, which is a real convenience for live performances.

    The pitchblack Portable is sized like a pedal effect unit, and will conveniently fit into most effect pedalboard systems. Additionally, Korg Pitchblack Portable also provides a DC OUT jack that can be used to feed power to other effect pedals (when using the optional AC adapter).


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