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Lindell Audio EVO-6 500 Series Discrete Microphone Preamp

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Vintage Vibe for Your Tracks!
The Lindell Audio EVO-6 is an all-discrete 500 Series microphone preamplifier with a tight, punchy, vintage sound. Lindell hand wound their own transformers and inductors, and spec'd 1731 op-amps for that awesome creamy tone. The onboard tone controls are old-school passive Pultec-style filters that sound ultra-smooth and incredible. The EVO-6 sports an input pad and separate gain control that lets you drive your signal into tasty fat saturation - which you can shape to taste with the 2-band EQ section. A 30-segment LED VU meter clearly displays your gain. If you want to add vintage vibe to your recordings, take it from Bajaao - the Lindell Audio EVO-6 is an excellent way to do it.


  • All-discrete 500 Series microphone preamplifier
  • Features vintage-style 1731 op-amps
  • Big, easy-to-read 30-segment LED VU meter
  • Transformer-balanced inputs and balanced Outputs
  • Up to 70db of gain
  • 2-step switched EQ low-frequency boost: 60Hz, 100Hz
  • 2-step switched EQ high-frequency boost: 4kHz, 8kHz/16kHz
  • Selectable high-boost bandwidth on PCB
  • Polarity Reverse; 48V Phantom Power
  • 30-LED segment output Meters
  • Gold-plated PCB

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