Line 6 StageSource L3s Active PA Subwoofer

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  • Line 6 StageSource L3s Active PA Subwoofer

    The Line 6 StageSource L3s 1200 Watt Bi-amped Bass Reflex Subwoofer System provides self-contained, high-quality, sound reinforcement for any environment.

    The SoundSource L3s Subwoofer is built to take all the punishment that you could possible throw at it. Consideration has been made regarding the internal components such as the drivers, making sure it will not suffer at the hands of over zealous roadies and shock damage. Transporting the L3s has also been well thought out by including robust wheels and handles.

    The SoundSource L3s delivers a full and rich low end sound via its twin amped design making sure its 1200 watt output is not only loud but acoustically appealing. The all in one design of the L3s features a versatile crossover with several settings to tailor the perfect sound. All the connections you need are catered for allowing this system to fit into existing set ups easily. Subwoofer presets are included to cover all the varying situations you are likely to find yourself in.

    In multiple speaker set ups the SoundSource L3s has a rapid digital network called L6 Link for an extremely fast and intuitive set up. Automated configuration is done for you concentrating on taking care of crossovers, panning and volume loads so you have the best possible sound in next to no time.

    The Line 6 SoundSource L3s Features:

    • Adaptable Subwoofer Presets
    • Powerful 1200 Watt Twin Amped Design
    • L6 Link Fast Networking System
    • Versatile Crossovers
    • Multi-function Design
    • Stereo In/Out/Thru
    • Tough and Robust Design



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