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Mapex BPDLV728XBPW 6-Piece Black Panther Design Shell Pack Drum Kit - Peach Burl Burst

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Mapex BPDLV728XBPW 6-Piece Black Panther Design Shell Pack Drum Kit - Peach Burl Burst Overview 

The Black Panther Design Lab Versatus System represents the pinnacle of instrument design. Groundbreaking innovations combine with drum-building mastery to form a unique and extremely versatile instrument. The hybrid Maple and Mahogany shells use the chamber-specific designs of the Black Panther Design Lab systems. Plies get progressively thicker, depths graduate by 1/2”, bearing edges change and the SAS ring system modulates as the drums get larger in diameter. The combination of these details creates an amazing symphony of instruments in one kit, where each and every drum sounds perfect.

Features :

  • Classic tone with versatile usability and an advanced design - a no holds barred series with revolutionary breakthroughs in instrument design
  • Hybrid Maple and Mahogany shells with chamber-specific designs - progressively thicker plies, 1/2'' graduated depths, and differing bearing edges as the drums increase in diameter
  • Mapex's 'Sound First' design approach creates drums with outstanding performance and character
  • The Concept Hybrid process blends a selection of various sound concepts to create a single instrument with a new and unique voice
  • SONIClear Attenuation System gives you a completely new level of control to suit your environment and style

Specifications :

  • Finish : Peach Burl Bursts
  • Configuration : Shell Pack without Snare
  • Number of Drums : 6
  • TOM : 10" X 7", 12" X 7.5"
  • FLOOR TOM : 14" X 13", 16" X 15"
  • BASS DRUM : 22" X 16"
  • AUX DRUM : 18" X 12"
  • SAS SCALE : SAS 2 Peach Burl Burst
  • BASS DRUM HOOPS : Matching Bass Drum Hoops
  • HARDWARE : Black Brushed
  • FLOOR TOM,TOM TOM HOOPS : Triple-flanged
  • Shell Material : Maple, Mahogany
  • Manufacturer Part Number : BPDLV728XBPW
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