Meinl Cymbals B20JSLR Byzance 20-Inch Jazz Sweet Light Ride Cymbal

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The BYZANCE JAZZ SWEET RIDE is a delicate, sensitive cymbal with a sweet feel. Its soft stick response with a sparkling spread and long sustain make it perfect for brush work.

MEINL BYZANCE CYMBALS are completely hand hammered into shape and satisfy the highest demands. Every Byzance cymbal is a piece of art and has its own unique sound characteristics which can never be duplicated.

JAZZ cymbals have a regular finish and contain outstanding sound qualities. They were developed for the natural vintage sound that traditional Jazz requires. With a complex blend of sounds, an overall darkness and a nice spread, these factors come together to form a warm, musical mix.


  • delicate sensitive Cymbal w/ Sweet feel
  • soft stick response
  • sparkling spread and long sustain
  • perfect for brush work
  • 20"- light Ride.


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