Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100 Watt Head - Diamond Face Plate

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  • It’s been more than 20 years, two generations of guitarists and several musical trend-cycles since the Dual Rectifier® first unleashed its crushing wall of gain on radio. In that time many have mimicked, modeled, dissected and plagiarized it, but it remains firmly planted at the center of hard-core… a Rock icon.

    Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Features:

    • Wattage Multi-Watt™ 50 or 100 (Channel Assignable)
    • Power Tube Type 4x Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34)
    • Channels & Modes 3 Channels / 8 Modes
    • Mode Voicings / Styles Ch. 1 = Clean or Pushed
      Ch. 2 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
      Ch. 3 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
    • Graphic EQ / Reverb / FX / Solo FX Loop, Solo
    • Footswitchable Functions Ch. 1, 2, 3, Mute, FX Loop & Solo
    • Speaker(s) & Impedance n/a
    • Weight 41 Lbs.
    • Dimensions 10" H x 25 1/2" W x 9 7/8" D
    • Available Formats Head

    Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Specifications:

    • Amp Type Tube
    • Chassis Material Aluminum
    • Rectifier Type Selectable and Channel Assignable Dual Rectification (Tube or Silicon Diodes) with Patented Recto Tracking™ (Patent 7,193,458). Recto Tracking™ auto-matches the correct Rectifier compliment for the number of Power Tubes in use.
    • Rectifier Tubes 2x Mesa 5U4
    • Variac Power Switch Bold/Spongy Power Switch
    • Preamp Tubes 5x Mesa 12AX7
    • Power Amp Tubes 4x Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34)
    • Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types Bias Select for 6L6 or EL-34
    • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias Yes
    • Wattage(s) Quick Reference 50 or 100 Watts - Channel Assignable - See Power Amp Details for more information
    • Built-In Power Amp Attenuation n/a
    • Power Amp Details (Class & Wattage) Class A/B Power with Mesa's patented Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power Amp (Patent 7,602,927) - Provides two power options that are channel assignable via three 50/100 Watt Power Switches: Choose 2 power tubes, producing 50 Watt of small block-power or all 4 power tubes producing 100 Watts of big-block horsepower and authority.
    • Convection or Fan Cooling Convection
    • Number of Footswitchable Channels (or Modes) Three Channels
    • Number of Style Modes Eight
    • Number of Style Modes Per Channel Channel 1 = Two / Channel 2 & 3 = Three
    • Types of Style Modes Per Channel Ch. 1 = Clean or Pushed
      Ch. 2 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
      Ch. 3 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
    • Channel Controls Each Channel features Independent Style Mode Switch, 50/100 Multi-Watt™ Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Master, Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking™ (Diode or Tube - Patent 7,193,458)
    • Graphic EQ and/or Contour n/a
    • Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options n/a
    • Effects Loop & Bypass Options Fully Buffered Series FX Loop w/Send Level Control - Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or True Bypassable - See True-Bypass Options below for more information



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