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Morley ELC Effects Loop Corrector

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The Morley Effects Loop Corrector increases the signal in weak FX Loops for more headroom and a fuller sound. Conversely, the Effects Loop Corrector can also lower hot FX loop send signal that cause effect pedals to clip or distort. Basically, it corrects the variations in FX Loops signals that exist from amp to amp.

The ELC is housed in a cold-rolled steel housing to withstand regular gigging abuse. It is also passive (no power required) and contains audiophile quality step up/step down isolation transformers. An internal ground reference switch ensures ground matching on all effects whether pedal or rack format. 


  • Corrects weak or strong effects loop signal (send & return)
  • Custom step-up/step-down transformers correct signal voltage as needed
  • Accepts mono (Tip/Sleeve, TS) or stereo (Tip/Ring/Sleeve, TRS) connectors in any combination
  • Internal Ground Reference Switch eliminates grounding hum or buzz
  • Cold rolled steel housing
  • Dimensions: 4.75" L x 3.5" W x 2.63" H
  • Current Draw: 0 mA (ELC is passive and does not require power)


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