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Morley Quad Box Guitar and Amp Selector/Combiner

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The Morley Quad Box Guitar and Amp Switcher is a handy switching device that allows easy control of two guitars and two amplifiers. Select between either of two guitars with the tap of a footswitch and select or combine any combination of both amplifiers.

Conventional ABY boxes allow control over two guitars OR two amps but not both. The Quad Box allows for more flexibility by allowing quick access to two guitars AND two amplifiers without cumbersome and complicated Midi switching systems.

The Quad Box is manufactured in solid cold rolled steel housing and can be powered from one 9V battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. It comes equipped with LED indication and is True Bypass to maintain pure tone and instrument level.

Although the Quad Box was designed with guitarists in mind, it can be used anywhere an easy-to-use and cost-effective switching system is needed.


  • Controls 2 guitars and 2 amps
  • Rolled steel housing
  • Powers from 9V battery or adapter
  • LED indicators
  • TRUE BYPASS design prevents signal loss or tone change
  • Dimensions: 6.63" L x 4.38" W x 2" H


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