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Novation Launchpad S Control Pack - Software Controller

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Hands-on Control to Improve Your Workflow

The Novation Launchpad S Control Pack will make Ableton Live obey your every whim. Including both Launchpad S and Launch Control, you will have everything you need to trigger sounds, launch scenes, and take control of your virtual instruments and plug-in effects. We at Bajaao understand how frustrating an inefficient workflow can be, so maximize it with the Novation Launchpad S Control Pack!

Novation Launchpad S Control Pack at a Glance:

  • Launchpad S tames the wild beast
  • Launch Control takes care of what's left
  • Made for Ableton Live

Launchpad S tames the wild beast

If you want direct control over Ableton Live, Novation's Launchpad S controller will give it to you with its colorful grid of 64 buttons. But the big news is that it's Core MIDI compliant and can be powered by your iPad, letting you take advantage of current and future iOS-compatible music-making apps. You still get 64 trigger buttons, making the Launchpad an amazing companion to Live's Session View. You also get dedicated buttons for launching scenes. If you don't use Live, go ahead and use Launchpad S to map out the controls however you want; it includes Novation's renowned Automap software. Feeling trigger-happy? Novation's Launchpad S is just what you need.

Launch Control takes care of what's left

Trying to control your virtual instruments, plug-in effects, and DAW mixer functions with a mouse can become cumbersome. The Novation Launch Control lets you take command of your software's functions with effortless efficiency. Eight touch-sensitive pads let you trigger loops and play samples comfortably. At the same time, the Launch Control sports 16 knobs that put a ton of parameter control at your fingertips. Whether you use it on its own or together with other Novation controllers, the Launch Control will add a ton of functionality to your rig.

Made for Ableton Live

Ableton Live lets you record, mix, and create on the fly. Whether you're an electronic musician or a traditional songwriter, the unique workflow, high-quality recording capabilities, and fully stocked toolbox make Live perfect for any style or type of music production. More than a DAW, Ableton Live's scene-based workflow makes your recording and sequencing environment part of the creative process itself. Packed with even more powerful effects, processors, and music-making tools than ever, you're going to enjoy the freedom Ableton Live offers you.

Novation Launchpad S Control Pack Features:

  • Launchpad S for direct control over Ableton Live
  • Launch Control for control of virtual instruments, plug-in effects, and more
  • Custom cases to keep your Launchpad S and Launch Control safe and secure
  • Fully class-compliant plug and play - no drivers required
  • Free software including Ableton Live Lite 9
  • Made for Ableton Live and compatible with FL Studio and other software


  • Number of Performance Pads: 64 (Launchpad) + 8 (Launch Control)
  • Number of Sliders/Faders: 16 (Launch Control)
  • System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • System Requirements: PC Windows 7 or later
  • USB: Yes
  • Power Supply: USB Bus Powered
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LAUNCHPAD S CONTROL PACK
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