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Orange Tiny Terror TT15H portable guitar head

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Orange Tiny Terror TT15H portable guitar head

n the studio, at a rehearsal or on the stage, the Tiny Terror will enable you to achieve professional grade tube tone without breaking the bank!”

There are two types of guitarist in the world. Those that play through consumer grade amplifiers and those that get to experience the amazing tone produced by professional grade products. For the first time ever, Orange has managed to squeeze every drop of their unique signature tone into a product that every guitarist can afford - The Tiny Terror

With 15 watts of available Class A valve power, the Tiny Terror is a highly versatile workhorse suited to a myriad of guitar playing scenarios. But despite being loud enough for rehearsals, and even small shows, it is in the studio that the benefits of this amplifier's incredible tone can be felt the most...

Have you ever wondered why your recorded guitar tone doesn’t sound like your favorite band’s album? Ask many producers what the hardest instrument to record is, and they’ll tell you the electric guitar. If you are still struggling with hardware or software emulators, then it’s time to ditch those late 90’s gadgets and upgrade to professional valve tone with the Tiny Terror.

The Tiny Terror has been designed by England’s finest engineers to give you the tone you crave in a quick and simple manner. Just plug your guitar in one end, a speaker cabinet in the other and adjust the three standard controls to taste. There is no complicated programming and Class A analog valve technology will ensure that digital clipping is a thing of the past.

Valve amplifiers often sound best when the master volume control is fully cranked. The Tiny Terror can be run at 7 watts to allow you to dial in these settings without blowing the door off your sound room!

The Orange Tiny Terror is a portable Class A valve head amp useing 2 x EL84 and 2 x 12AX7 valves for pure valve tone. Switchable power output of 15 or 7-watts mean full crunched valve tone is available regardless of the output volume. Drive an Orange PPC112 1x12" cab for a total Orange experience.

15 watts may not seem like a lot, but Orange rate their amplifiers the British way – 15 watts RMS clean. This means that when it comes to power the Tiny Terror will give many 30 watt amplifiers a run for their money! If you want to bring things down a notch then simply flick the Output switch and enjoy all of the cranked Tiny Terror genuine British valve tone at a reduced volume.

Weighing in at just a few pounds, the Tiny Terror is the perfect portable gigging solution! Each amplifier ships with a padded gig bag for safe and easy transportation. The Tiny Terror is perfect for small venues or can be used as a backup amp for larger venues.

Wherever you need portability but can not afford to compromise on tone, the Tiny Terror is not just an amplifier that you can afford… It’s an amplifier that you cannot afford to be without!

Class A circuitry means the Orange Tiny Terror output valves are producing both positive and negative halfs of the output signal. Though less efficient than Class B circuitry, Class A creates an output signal rich in even order harmonics for a full and complex tones. Which is why guitarists tolerate the weight and heat of Class A valve amps.

  • Valve guitar head amp with EL84 valves.
  • 2x12AX7 and 2XEL84 valves.
  • Switchable output 15 or 7-watts.
  • Loudspeaker output: 1x16 ohm or 2x8 ohm.
  • 1-Channel with Gain, Tone, and Volume controls.
  • Strong, portable steel housing for reliable transport.


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