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Paiste Black Alpha Joey Jordison Hyper Crash Cymbal

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BAJAAO India Presents the Paiste Black Alpha Joey Jordison Hyper Crash Cymbal. This cymbal produces a bright,energetic and slightly metallic tone.It stays in the Medium range in terms of volume, perfect for clean mixes. It has a very heavy feel paired with a powerful attack. This piercing crash is ideal for today’s metal music and other loud music styles.The Colorsound Coating adds bite to the attack, focuses the overtones and adds raw presence to the overall sound character.

It's available in three sizes: 16",17",18".

Joey Jordison entered the hearts and minds of the world-wide head banger community as drummer and co-songwriter of Slipknot and thanks to his ultra fast grooves and thunderous fills, Joey is one of the most popular and distinctive personalities in today’s modern Metal scene.

Paiste honors Joey’s passion for eccentric and unique cymbal designs with a special edition in its Alpha series which are both a visually and sonically close fit to Joey’s current Slipknot touring set.

As the name reveals, Black Alphas contain Paiste’s innovative black “ColorSound” coating and each cymbal features 9 silver placed Tribal-S logos. Unique and deep hammer marks exclusive to Black Alpha Hyper cymbals are also visually apparent on this completely new developed line.


  • Black ColorSound coating
  • Silk-screened with a rich gold Alpha logo, model designation and Slipknot logo
  • Diameter: 16",17",18"
  • Weight: Medium Heavy
  • Volume: Medium to Very Loud
  • Stick Sound: Pronounced
  • Intensity: Fairly Lively
  • Sustain: Medium Long
  • Bell Character: Fairly Separated


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