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Peavey Digitool Live Programmable Audio Multi Processor

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Why rely on install contractors when Peavey's Digitool LIVE PA will give the same level of speaker management and onboard processing as an installation box, without limiting what you can do with your sound system? Featuring a totally configurable 8-in/8-out balanced routing matrix, complete with powerful 32-bit floating point DSP processing, phantom power, and dedicated front-panel mute control, the sky's the limit to what you can do with your Digitool LIVE. So, if you'd rather get on with the show than wrestle with PA configurations and monitor distribution, then it's time to replace your massive equipment rack with a compact Peavey Digitool LIVE PA management system.

Flexible, install-quality PA and monitor management, without the install fees
There are two main problems with install-style PA management systems, and the Peavey Digitool LIVE addresses both of them. First, there's the fact that most PA management systems are extremely purpose built, designed to provide processing for only a set few speaker configurations. The Digitool LIVE system's 8-in/8-out matrix lets you route crossovers, distribute stage monitors, process headphone mixes - you name it! It even has onboard phantom power and an auto mix function, which allows you to use the Digitool LIVE as a mixing board if need be.

The other major issue with many professional PA management systems is that they require special contractor-only software and interface to program, leaving you at the mercy of an install technician anytime you want to make a change in your setup. With the Digitool LIVE system, you get the same level of control via a simple piece of software you can run on any standard Windows PC.With so much flexibility to offer, the Peavey Digitool LIVE is an obvious choice for any technical director or engineer who deals with a lot of different live-sound situations.

32-bit floating point processing provides amazing dynamics control and filtering
The power of any PA management system lies in the processing it has to offer, and the Peavey Digitool LIVE gives you plenty to get excited about in that department. Full matrix routing with digitally controlled level and input/output filtering make setting up even advanced crossover networks easy. There are even macro controls for setting up Butterworth, Bessel, and Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter alignments.

Adding dynamics processing to every input and output takes only seconds, and you easily add up to 2.5 seconds of delay to any part of your I/O to compensate for speaker separation and external processing latency. What's more, the Digitool LIVE's amazing Automix function and digitally controlled levels provide smoothness to your levels while maximizing your dynamic range. The possibilities are endless.

Loaded with the front-panel controls and graphical feedback you need
Although the Digitool LIVE's PC-based editing software makes setting up complicated configurations easy, the last thing you want to have to do in an emergency is wait for your laptop to fire up. Fortunately, Peavey outfitted the Digitool LIVE with a great set of front-panel controls that make tweaking settings, killing channels, and monitoring levels easy. First, there's the large full-color LCD. Using just its soft buttons and encoders, you can easily find and adjust nearly any setting you might need to access. There's also an entire series of 16 dedicated mute buttons at your command, which instantly let you silence any input or output - a real show saver! Top that off with a whole series of 5-segment LED meters, and you've got everything you need to stay in control of the show, right on the front panel of the Peavey Digitool LIVE PA management system.

The Digitool LIVE is an 8 input, 8 output configuration designed primarily for live audio applications, multi-way house systems and also multiple monitor mix situations. The Digitool LIVE features balanced XLR input and output connections, but does not have the control voltage ports available on the MX models.


  • 8 input, 8 output Live Audio DSP Processor
  • Enhanced navigation
  • XLR Inputs and XLR Outputs
  • Front panel mute switches for all inputs and outputs
  • Front panel "edit" button enables access to the encoders for programming.
  • 5 segment LED meters for input and output level visualization
  • Rear panel Ethernet port for network connectivity, allowing discovery of the Digitool on a network or external
  • Front panel USB port provides easy access to connect a laptop for programming purposes.
  • NWare based Graphical User Interface
  • AES Input that can be assigned to any of the outputs.
  • Full color LED display.
  • Weight Unpacked: 10.69 lb(4.85 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 14.66 lb(6.65 kg)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 21x22.5x6.5 in, 53.34x57.15x16.51 cm


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