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Presonus RC 500 Channel Strip

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  • The PreSonus RC 500 channel strip gives you the custom-designed FET compressor and semi-parametric EQ developed for the acclaimed ADL 700 tube channel strip, along with a new solid-state high-gain Class A preamp that delivers amazingly transparent, detailed audio with vanishingly low distortion. Built with high-grade components throughout, the full-featured RC 500 sports a balanced analog insert, phantom power, a highpass filter, a -20dB pad, and more. Equip your rack with a delightfully affordable channel strip that sounds like it costs a fortune - the PreSonus RC 500.

    A superb-sounding preamp
    Solid-state or tube, that is the question. Compared with a tube preamp, the PreSonus RC 500's solid-state preamp gives you better definition at the low and high extremes of its frequency response range. The lows are tighter, and the highs crisper, giving you a transparent-sounding, eminently musical signal with plenty of "air."

    Refined, musical equalization
    The PreSonus RC 500's 3-band semi-parametric EQ was specifically designed to match the preamp and compressor. Sporting isolated filters and optimized, per-band Q, this equalizer lets you shape your signal subtly and without undesirable artifacts. This EQ even comes with a pedigree: it uses the same circuitry as the semi-parametric EQ in the ADL 700, which has garnered rave reviews.

    Great-sounding FET compressor
    With fully variable attack, release, and threshold controls (as well as hard bypass), the PreSonus RC 500's FET compressor gives you tons of flexibility without letting you get into too much trouble. What we mean is that it's hard to make this thing sound bad. Again, the compressor design is the one found in the coveted ADL 700 - so it's already a winner, right from the get-go.

    PreSonus RC 500 Channel Strip Features:
    • Transformer-coupled, high gain microphone preamp with a Class A hybrid design
    • FET-based soft-knee compressor using hybrid detection methods with switching relays for hard bypass
    • 3-band semi-parametric equalizer with switching relays for hard bypass
    • 48V phantom power, 80Hz highpass filter, and -20dB pad
    • Front-panel instrument and rear-panel microphone and line inputs with Input Select switch
    • VU meter with selectable output level/gain reduction display
    • Analog insert with balanced send and return
    • High-grade components: film capacitors, 1% tolerance resistors, and very low-distortion op amps
    • Master output control
    • Balanced output on XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
    • Internal toroidal power supply with IEC connector


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