Remo Designer Series Key Tuned 12" X 24" Adinkra Djembe DJ-0012-24

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  • BAJAAO India introduces the Remo Designer Series Djembes which are key-tuned and fitted with Skyn Deep heads. These hand drums produce a satisfying range of sounds from high slaps to deep bass tones. The durable, lightweight Acousticon shell delivers excellent projection and is unaffected by weather conditions. A heavy-duty rubber bottom protects the shell from ground impact. The exterior shells provide great visuals that match the graphics on the head.

    Originally from West Africa, the djembe drum has spread around the world to become the hallmark instrument of the world-beat movement. Since at least 500 AD, the djembe drum has been used in healing ceremonies, rites of passage, ancestor worship, warrior rituals, and social dancing. Find out how much your hands can say with this traditional hand drum. Remo's revolutionary materials provide great sound, durability, and looks.

    Remo Designer Series Key-Tuned Djembe Specifications:

    • 25" high x 14" diameter
    • Skyn Deep head key-tuned
    • Acousticon shell
    • Durable and lightweight
    • High slaps to deep tones
    • Visually striking finishes.



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Questions about this product?

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