RME Fireface 802 USB Firewire Audio Interface

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RME Fireface 802 USB Firewire Audio Interface

Loaded with four pristine preamps, 60 channels of killer low-latency I/O, powerful DSP mixing, and an amazing remote control, the RME Fireface 802 hybrid USB/FireWire audio interface is the perfect cornerstone for your studio. Between its ultra-clear microphone preamps, integrated instruments inputs, balanced signal paths, and reference-class converters, the Fireface 802 lets you capture any sound source in exquisite detail. A full complement of digital I/O makes integration with the rest of your studio gear easy too. Speaking of easy, the Fireface 802 is fully compatible with RME's Advanced Remote Control (optional), so can get full desktop access to its latency-free, DSP-driven monitoring and effects.

Pristine analog signal path meets top-quality digital conversion

RME is pretty much synonymous with top-shelf audio quality. So there is no surprise how fantastic the RME Fireface 802 hybrid audio interface sounds. It all starts off with the I/O. First, there's the set of eight balanced TRS analog inputs and outputs, in addition to which you get two independent headphone outputs and four front-panel XLR/DI combo preamps taken straight from the OctaMic II. In case you're not familiar with these low-distortion, fully symmetrical mic pres, they're the ones location recording professionals use to track full orchestras and other critical applications. A set of amazing AD/DA converters with jitter suppression provide you with up to 192kHz resolution audio that features a staggering 118dBA of dynamic range, so every bit of that detail will make it to and from your DAW. And on top of its 12 x 12 analog I/O, the Fireface 802 provides you with an extra 18 channels of digital I/O on optical and AES/EBU connectors.

DSP-driven TotalMix FX mixer provides latency-free effects and routing

Low-latency converters are one thing, but when it comes to accurate monitoring, your whole signal path has to be as free of latency as possible. RME's solution was to outfit the Fireface 802 with their amazing TotalMix FX DSP mixer, which you'll surely appreciate. This high-end signal routing tool lives in front of your DAW and even your computer itself, allowing you to setup mixes that bypass the vast majority of latency in your system as you track. Naturally, that cuts out your plug-ins, which is why RME includes a selection of integrated DSP processing, which includes EQ, dynamics, and reverb/echo effects that you can use for tracking and monitoring. And you can control all of the routing, effects, and processing onboard the Fireface 802 right from your computer or your iPad, making it easy to design complex setups for any application.

RME Fireface 802 Features:

  • An impressive 30-in/30-out hybrid audio interface with high-speed USB and FireWire connectivity
  • 12 analog inputs include TRS line jacks and 4 combination DI/XLR microphone preamps based on the acclaimed OctaMic II
  • RME's top-shelf converters with active jitter control deliver extreme clarity and superb stereo imaging
  • Optical and XLR digital I/O support up to 18 channels including ADAT, SMUX, and AES/EBU protocols
  • DSP-driven mixer offers latency-free monitoring with EQ, dynamics, reverb, and delay
  • Setup mixes and complex routing from your computer or iPad
  • RME's Advanced Remote Control (NOT INCLUDED) offers full monitor control and custom commands to enhance your workflow.

RME Fireface 802 Specifications:

  • Computer Connection Type: Firewire USB
  • Form Factor: Rackmount/Desktop
  • Simultaneous I/O: 30 x 30
  • A/D Resolution: 24-Bit/192kHz
  • Built In DSP/FX: Yes
  • Number of Audio Inputs: 11
  • Audio Input Types: 7 x TRS, 4 x Combo (XLR/TRS)
  • Number of Audio Outputs 7
  • Audio Output Types: 7 x TRS
  • Number of Digital Inputs: 3
  • Digital Input Types: 2 x ADAT, 1 x AES/EBU
  • Number of Digital Outputs: 3
  • Digital Output Types: 2 x ADAT, 1 x AES/EBU
  • Number of Mic Preamps: 4
  • Phantom Power: Yes
  • MIDI I/O: In, Out
  • Clock I/O: 1 x Word Clock.
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