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Roland M-380 Mixing Console

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Roland M-380 Mixing Console.

The M-380 is a complete 48 channel digital mixing system compacted into a rackmountable footprint. The complete system incorporates a digital snake and mixing console in one integrated system.

The M-380 V-Mixer is designed to be fast and intuitive to use for the beginner or the experienced professional. It features dedicated knobs and buttons for all console functions, 13 touch-sensitive moving faders, onboard Help, large - bright TFT LCD display and Cat5e connectivity for low cost installation and truly portable systems.

The M-380 is a complete digital solution maintaining 24-bit audio from the stage to the splits and back to the stage. Preamps on stage provide the highest possible sound quality and intelligibility. Cat5e snake eliminates the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes. Onboard digital processing, channel DSP and routing eliminate any chance for buzzes from extra cabling and analog to digital conversion losses. Built-in 24-bit recording provides lossless capture of live events. The Digital Split allows lossless transmission to monitoring, recording or broadcast positions. Bus and Main LRC return over Cat5e enables a complete digital signal path back to the stage.

Instantly change from event to event with 300 Scenes for total recall of all mixer, effect and routing parameters. Password level access provides only the relevant controls for any particular type of user. PC software allows loading/saving setups as well as real-time control. Libraries provide the ability to for storing custom channel, patchbay and effect settings. Direct to PC recording over Cat5e enables up to 40 channels of direct digital recording.

System integrators are able to create control interfaces for the M-380 V-Mixer from industry standard system control touch panels by harnessing the power of the RS-232 connection on the M-380. Users can recall scenes, adjust volume levels, mute channels or groups and control dozens of other mixing parameters. The M-380 can be discreetly installed in a hidden rack with all control happening from the interface designed by the system integrator.

Roland M-380 Features :

  • A 48-channel Mixing Console with 18 buses, 8 matrices, channel and bus DSP, 4 stereo FX processors, 4 graphic EQs, built-in stereo recording and playback, and built in multi-channel split port;
  • Configurable digital snakes with high quality, remotely controlled mic preamps on stage;
  • Cat5e distribution that is light weight, low cost and without the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes;
  • Up to 40 channels of limitless digital splits over Cat5e for monitor/broadcast positions, personal mixing and/or PC recording without the need for any audio interfaces; full compatibility and interchange of projects with the M-400 V-Mixer;
  • RS-232 control for integration with remote devices such as wall or podium touch panels; and rackmountable size.
  • Support for Revolutionary Personal Mixing with the M-48 Live Personal Mixer
  • Support for Left-Center-Right (LCR) sound system configurations
  • Vintage Effects
  • Real-time Analyzer
  • Enhanced Parametric EQ ability
  • Intuitive User Interface

Roland M-380 Applications:

  • Boardrooms & conference rooms - Install the M-380 into an A/V rack control it remotely by a touch panel using RS-232. Perfect for large boardrooms with many microphones and audio sources.
  • Schools - Install the M-380 in a rolling rack case and move the M-380 from the auditorium to the cafeteria or the gymnasium.
  • Portable churches - The M-380 offers a high channel count in a small and highly transportable package. Event set-up is quick and easy with simple Cat5e connections from the Digital Snakes on stage to the M-380.

Roland M-380 Specifications:


  • Channels: 48 inputs / 18 buses
  • Signal Processing: 56-bit
  • AD/DA Conversion: 24-bit / 44.1kHz or 24-bit / 48kHz
  • Network Latency: 2.8 ms (typical)
  • Total System Latency of audio signal from S-1608 inputs to outputs via M-400's
  • REAC ports (A or B).
  • Sample Rate: 48.0 kHz
  • Effects: No insert effects.


  • XLR Inputs (1 to 8 ): XLR-3-31 type (balanced with phantom power)
  • Talkback Mic Input: XLR-3-31 type (balanced with phantom power)
  • RCA Inputs (L/R): RCA Pin Type
  • XLR Outputs (1 to 8): XLR-3-32 type (balanced)
  • Phone Output: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type
  • Digital Outputs: Optical type x 1 and Coaxial type x 1
  • REAC Ports: RJ-45 EtherCon type x 3
  • USB Ports: A type x 1 and B type x 1
  • Remote Connectors: RS-232C (D-Sub 9 pin type) x 1*
  • MIDI (5 pin DIN type) x 2 (Out/Thru & In)
  • Serial remote control is not available on version 1 firmware
  • Other Connectors: LAMP (XLR-4-31 type) x 1, Grounding terminal, AC Input


  • Frequency Response: XLR output jacks (1 to 8) : -2 dB / +0 dB (20k ohms load, +4 dBu)
  • Phones jack: -3 dB / +0 dB (40 ohms load, 150 mW)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): 0.05 % (typical), Phones jack: 0.05 % (typical)
  • Dynamic Range: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): 110 dB (typical)
  • Cross Talk @ 1kHz: XLR input jacks (1 to 8): -80dB (Pad: ON, Input gain: +10 dBu, typical)
  • XLR output jacks (1 to 8): -100 dB (typical)
  • Nominal Input Level (Variable): XLR input jacks (1 to 8): -65 to -10 dBu (Pad: OFF) or -45 to +10 dBu (Pad: ON)
  • RCA input jacks (L/R): -18 to 0 dBu
  • Talkback input jack: -50 to -10 dBu
  • Input Impedance: XLR input jacks (1 to 8): 14 k ohms, RCA input jacks (L/R): 10 k ohms,
  • Talkback input jack: 41 K ohms
  • Non Clip Maximum Input level: XLR input jacks (1 to 8): +8 dBu (Pad: OFF) or +28 dBu (Pad: ON),
  • RCA input jacks (L/R): +18 dBu, Talkback input jack: +8 dBu
  • Nominal Output Level: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): +4 dBu (Load impedance: 10 k ohms)
  • Output Impedance: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): 600 ohms, Phones jack: 100 ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): 10 k ohms or greater, Phones jack: 8 ohms or greater
  • Non Clip Maximum Output level: XLR output jacks (1 to 8): +22 dBu (1 kHz, 10 k ohms load)
  • Phones jack: 150 mW + 150 mW (1 kHz, 40 ohms load)
  • Residual Noise Level (IHF-A, typical): -88 dBu (All faders : Min)
  • Equivalent Input Noise Level (E.I.N.): -126 dBu


  • Display: 800 x 480 dots Wide VGA backlit TFT full color
  • Power Supply: AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 75 W
  • Dimensions:
  • Desktop: 482.0 (W) x 581.3 (D) x 220.6 (H) mm
  • 19 (W) x 22-15/16 (D) x 8-11/16 (H) inches
  • Rack Mount: 482.0 (W) x 231.3 (D) x 550.9 (H) mm
  • 19 (W) x 9-1/8 (D) x 21-11/16 (H) inches
  • Weight: 14 kg, 30 lbs 14 oz.


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