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Roland SBX-1 Sync Box

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Synchronizer/Converter and Master Clock for MIDI, DIN Sync, and USB, with CV/Gate Outputs

Sync All Your Electronic Instruments

If your production studio includes a combination of software instruments, hardware synthesizers and drum machines, you need the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box to keep everything locked to the same clock. With simultaneous conversion between MIDI, USB MIDI, and DIN Sync you can connect all your gear and use any individual piece as the master clock for all of them, or even use the SBX-1 Sync Box as the master. With built-in CV/Gate outputs, LFOs, and other performance features, the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box makes it easy for all of your instruments to sing together with perfect timing.

Roland SBX-1 Sync Box at a Glance:

Your all-in-one MIDI, DIN Sync, USB MIDI, and CV/Gate converter
A powerful performance tool
A simple way to add analog synths to your digital rig

Your all-in-one MIDI, DIN Sync, and USB MIDI converter

Most electronic musicians at BAJAAO use a variety of gear, from vintage analog synths to virtual instruments, and the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box is the perfect way to tie them all together. You can lock all of your gear to the same tempo, and convert performance data between the different devices. You can even use the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box to convert incoming data to CV/Gate signals to control your analog synths!

A powerful performance tool

While the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box is an awesome solution for any production studio with electronic instruments, it's also a powerful live performance tool. We've already mentioned that you can use the SBX-1 Sync Box as an LFO generator - synth geeks at BAJAAO love this feature because we all have a favorite synth that we wish had just one more LFO available. The SBX-1 Sync Box also makes it easy for multiple instruments to play well together. With your drum machine, computer DAW, and keyboards connected to the SBX-1 Sync Box, you can jam with other musicians with rock-solid timing.

A simple way to add analog synths to your digital rig

If you want to add an analog synthesizer to your MIDI- or USB-based production setup, the SBX-1 Sync Box makes it easier than ever. Incoming performance data is automatically converted to CV and Gate outputs, with control over the note range and polarity. You can even send pitch bend and LFO data. Basically, the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box makes it easy for you to sequence analog synths from your computer DAW or other sequencer.

Roland SBX-1 Sync Box Features:

  • Sync box for electronic instruments
  • Simultaneous conversion between MIDI, USB MIDI, and DIN Sync
  • Integrate analog synths too with CV/Gate outputs
  • Can be used as a master tempo clock, or you can choose any of your connected devices as the master clock
  • Generate LFOs and trigger data for enhanced performance potential
  • Shuffle adds swing to patterns generated on instruments without a swing function
  • Runs on USB bus power or AC adapter

Electronic instruments need the Roland SBX-1 Sync Box.


Type Desktop
Ports 3 x 3
Computer Connectivity USB
Power Bus Powered or AC Adapter
Height 2.0625"
Depth 5.375"
Width 8.6875"
Weight 1.75 lbs.



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