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Samson QL5 Lavalier Microphone with XLR Adapter

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Samson QL5 Lavalier Microphone with XLR Adapter.

The QL5 is a professional, miniature clip-on condenser microphone specially designed for presenters. Manufactured with extreme care and the highest quality components, the microphone delivers an exceptionally clear, articulate sound, with superior rejection of background noise. It’s simple to attach the microphone to neck tie or jacket lapel. A maximum amount of “gain-before-feedback” can be achieved as a result of the QL5’s tight, cardioid pick-up pattern. In addition, the high SPL capability makes the QL5 an excellent choice for a wide variety of vocal miking applications.

The QL5 lavaliere microphone is an ideal choice for close body micing in presentation and video applications. The cardioid pick up pattern of the charged condenser element captures speech and vocals with great detail. The sturdy tie clip allows the microphone to be easily attached in position, secure, worry free and out of the way.

Samson QL5 Lavalier Features:


  • Great for presentation and video applications
  • Fixed charged condenser element
  • Enhanced cardioid pickup pattern
  • Sturdy tie clip securely attaches microphone out of sight
  • The QL5 microphone is a miniature high quality microphone with a convenient spring-loaded clip for attaching to a jacket or neck tie.
  • Lightweight, low visibility design for unobtrusive use.
  • High quality Electret condenser element delivers high output and exceptional sound quality.
  • Full range frequency response for clear, crisp audio and natural sound reproduction.
  • Tight cardioid polar pattern reduces background noise, minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule.
  • The QL5 microphone terminates with a 3.5mm mini plug, compatible with Stage 5 and Stage 55 Series Wireless Components
  • The QL5 includes internal radio frequency (RF) suppression, making it suitable for use in high-RF urban areas.


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