Seymour Duncan SH-8SGB Synyster Gates Invader Humbucker Guitar Pickup

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Seymour Duncan's Synyster Gates Invader humbucking pickup gives you the unequaled aggressive tone of the original Invader SH-8 passive humbuckers, but with a cool new look. This makeover was inspired by the lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold himself, a longtime fan of Invader pickups and a true metalcore pioneer. Instead of standard black pole pieces, these Synyster Gates Invader pickups feature eye-catching chrome, gold, and white poles - they're the perfect way to trick out any electric guitar! Metal, punk, thrash - whatever your style, if you want aggressive tone, then you need a set of Seymour Duncan's Synyster Gates Invader humbucking pickups

Universally recognize as one of the most (if not THE most) aggressive passive pickups up all time, it's little wonder that Seymour Duncan's original Invader pickups have become the pickups of choice for many of the world's most aggressive guitarists. You'll get absolutely massive tone from your Synyster Gates Invader humbuckers, thanks to their combination three ceramic magnets, overwound coils, and 12 oxide screws with oversized caps. When you need to reach out and throttle your amp, nothing dishes out the punishment like a set of Seymour Duncan Synyster Gates Invaders!


  • Bridge-position pickup fits most standard humbucker routings
  • Easily one one of the most aggressive passive humbuckers ever made
  • Triple-ceramic-magnet design with overwound coils provides extremely hot output
  • 12 x oxide screws with oversized caps create a broad and responsive magnetic field
  • Ultra-high output is perfect for pushing your favorite amplifier to the next level
  • Black back with custom chrome pole piece caps provide the Synyster Gates signature look.


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