Swar Sudha Electronic Tuning Box, Metronome, and Tuner

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The Swar Sudha is a 3-in-1 Electronic Music Instrument that Delivers a Genuine Sruthi drone. It is made of High Quality Durable ABS Plastic Body to suit the Peninsular Climate. Its in built Metronome come with a Adjustable Tempo. Its Convenient Harmonium Indication acts as an easy reference for setting the Pitch. It has a Accurately Preset PA & MA that automatically tunes with the Main SA, along with  Fine Tuning to match to your Instrument's Swar.  The Swar Sudha is used as a Reference Tuner by Piano & Harmonium  Instrument makers & Artist alike. This Electronic Shruti Box comes with a Dual Power Supply Mode & a Battery Life in excess of 13 Hrs.

3 in 1: The Swar Sudha is Not only a Shruti Box (Sruti Petti / Sur Peti) but also a Metronome & Tuner. The Metronome is audible along with the Shruti Drone.

Genuine Shruti Tone: This Electronic Sruti Box comes with an Drone that is as Realistic as the Original Shruti Tone itself. Listed below are a few Audio sample of the Swar Sudha.

ABS Plastic Body: The New Look Swar Sudha is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic which gives it a Sleeker Look and Protects it from the Peninsular Climatic Wear & Tear.

Large & Accurate Pitch Range: The Pitch Range of this Electronic Shruti Box Covers an Entire Octave with Immense Precision.

Auto Memory: The Memory function helps retain the your Last Selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of Fine Tuning)

Harmonium Like Display: Swar Sudha comes with a Display that represents the Keyboard of the Harmonium to Specially aid Novices in setting the Swar without any Hassle at all.

Accurate Pancham & Madhyam: The User only needs to Select the Main SA and the Instrument by it self will Tune Accurately to Pancham (PA) or Madhyam (MA).

Battery Operations: The Inbuilt Battery Compartment of the Swar Sudha becomes operational with 8 Pencil Cells (AA) for a duration in excess of 13 Hours.

Super Compact Size & Light Weight: Swar Sudha in its New Look is a Very Compact & Light in weight, but at the same time is Extremely Durable.

Reference Instrument: Today Most Piano & Harmonium Manufactures are using the Swar Sudha as their Reference Instrument to Tune their Instrument.

Dual Power Mode: Swar Sudha comes with a both 220v & 110v Power Input selection for an Universal Market.

Preferred Tuner: In the Recent Past Swar Sudha has Emerged as the Preferred Tuner for Artists to Tune their Instruments like the Veena, Violin, Sitar, Harmonium, Guitar etc..

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 Watts, 4 Ohms
  • 3.5 Inches
  • 220v (+/- 10%) 110v (+/- 5%)
  • Consumption: 6 Watts Max.
  • 8 Pencil Cells (1.5v / AA).
  • C to B
  • 1 Kattai  to 7 Kattai
  • Safed 1 to Safed 7
  • Length - Width - Height 145 mm - 73 mm - 123 mm
  • Weight: Aprox 1 kg / 2.2 lb

Tip - Tuner: While Using the Swar Sudha as a Electronic Tuner Use only the Main Note. Put Off PA, MA & Only SA by Pressing the Select Switch.

Tip - Metronome: Switching On the Metronome will Disable the Change of the Main Swar / Sur.

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