Tama Superstar ML52HXZBNS-BOM Drum Kit

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Tama Superstar ML52HXZBNS-BOM Drum Kit

As one of the most popular drum kits of all time, the incredible success story of the Superstar Custom Hyperdrive is going into the next round in 2015. For more than 10 years the Superstar has managed to uphold its status through innovative design, grandiose sound performance, world famous Tama hardware and above all a great price.

Tamas Superstar goes Maple - Sensational Innovations

In contrast to the relatively tiny alterations in previous models, in the 2015 the Tama Superstar Custom Hyperdrive kits are experiencing a complete makeover with sensational improvements. The biggest difference is the switch from shells made from Birch to Maple wood. Maple sounds warmer than Birch with a more balanced high-mids relationship and with a more highlighted bass range. The optimal sound experience of the Supterstar Tom shells and the snare drum is provided by the 6 layers of maple measuring 5mm thick and the bass drum is 7mm thick consisting of 8 layers. Another specialty for all Tama fans is the aluminium Star-Cast Mounting System from the high-end Starclassic series, delivering even better resonating characteristics and optimizing the sound behaviour. Black Nickel hardware creates a cool look matching the shell hardware.

Additional Superstar Highlights

Even with all of these changes the Superstar Custom Hyperdrive has not forgotten the traditional flair which has made it what it is today: a Superstar among drumkits. The stylish Sound Bridge High Tension lugs have been updated for the 2015 Superstar Series and ensure for an unmistakably reliable and easy to handle tuning behaviour of the Superstar shells. The whole package is perfected with die-cast hoops for the optimal hold of the included Power Craft II heads. The Superstar Hyperdrive Set, as the name suggests, on the surface of the shell construction, makes the positioning of the drums much simpler as well as delivering the typical, crisp Superstar sound. Breathtaking finishes, lacquered or foiled, round off the overall incredible image of the Tama Superstar kits.

Complete Professional Hardware Package

As with its predecessors, the Superstar Custom Hyperdrive includes a complete hardware package consisting of two cymbal boom stands, a snare stand, hi-hat stand as well as an Iron Cobra pedal. All feature double bracket construction and are extremely robust and stabile.

Included: 22"x20" Bass Drum, 10"x6.5" + 12"x7" Tom Tom, 16"x14" Floor Tom, 14"x5.5" Snare Drum, 2x MC69 Tom Attachment, Hardware Kit HB5W

  • Shell Material: Maple 
  • Shell thickness: 8-ply/7 mm (BD) 6-ply/5 mm (TT, FT, SD) 
  • Hyper-Drive Toms 
  • Aluminium Star-Cast Mounting System 
  • Die-Cast Hoops 
  • BassDrum with wooden hoops 
  • BassDrum die-cast claw hooks 
  • Wood snare drum with MCS70 throw-off 
  • Sound Bridge Hi-Tension Lugs with rubber gaskets 
  • Power Craft II Heads 
  • Tom holder (2 x MC69)

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