T.C. Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo Guitar Pedal

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T.C. Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo Guitar Pedal

The New Alter Ego X4 vintage echo pedal creates a synergy between 2 well loved TC Electronic products, the original Alter Ego Delay pedal and the Flashback X4 Delay. The result is a library of 12 spot on classic and vintage echo effects, built around a high quality chassis with innovative features.
With 3 slots to create your own tones, the custom delay settings create some unique and pleasing delay sounds varying from fantastic everyday tones through to some wilder settings! Think of it as getting a car race tuned: it's still the Flashback that you know and love but some real experts have done some work under the hood to get every last ounce of awesome tone for you! And if you want some awesome artist presets, the Alter Ego x4 is TonePrint enabled, giving you access to the settings of your favourite artists to download to your pedal. 

Here's what TC Electronic Say about the Alter Ego delay

Designed in association with Andy and Aaron at ProGuitarShop, the Alter Ego Delay pedal proved to be a huge success, both in the US and even more so when we made the product available worldwide. A synergy between two hit products, Flashback X4 Delay and the original Alter Ego Delay, Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo combines innovative features with 12 absolutely spot-on tributes to the most heralded delay units of yesteryear, from classic Echorec* delays to the legendary TC Electronic 2290.


  • Twelve exclusive, gorgeous delay sounds
  • Spot-on tributes of time-honoured classic and vintage delay units
  • A true celebration of the best of the best in tape, analog and digital delays
  • TonePrint Enabled – for a world of signature and customisable effects
  • Two exclusive delay modes custom tuned by ProGuitarShop
  • 7 seconds of delay
  • 3 User Programmable Preset Switches
  • Tap Tempo
  • 40 Second Looper with Undo
  • MIDI In and Thru
  • Expression Pedal Input, MIDI, USB
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • Switchable True or Buffered Bypass
  • 9.25” (23.49 cm) x 5.375” (13.65 cm) x 2.25” (5.71 cm)
  • 9vDC/300mA (No Batteries)

Classic Delay Presets

  • Binson Echorec 1
  • Binson Echorec 2
  • Electro-Harmonix blue face Deluxe Memory Man (chorus)
  • Electro-Harmonix blue face Deluxe Memory Man (vibrato)
  • Tel-Ray Super Organ Tone
  • TC Electronic 2290 with modulation
  • Reverse delay with modulation
  • Boss DM-2
  • Watkins Copicat
  • Maestro EP-2 Echoplex
  • Electro Harmonix Echoflanger (think The Police – “Walking on the Moon”)
  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo


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