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Tech 21 VT Bass SansAmp Character Series Bass Pedal

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BAJAAO India presents the Tech 21 VT Bass SansAmp Character Series Bass Pedal, which delivers the sound of a tower of power pumping through a stack of 10" speakers. The VT Bass is just the bass pedal for bass players who demand to be heard and want legendary bass tone. From chunky funk with the ubiquitous flip-top to the higher-gain growl of indie rock, this Tech 21 bass effects pedal has range to spare. Still need more? Lean on the Character control for the fat, distorted sound of Crimson and King's X—it all sounds massive. From clean SVT thump to dirty, earth-quaking crunch, with the VT Bass pedal you just dial it in.

Each effects pedal in the Tech 21 Character Series, including the VT Bass Pedal, is loaded with tonal DNA for a specific style of guitar amplifier. By simply twisting a few knobs, you can build those sought-after tones or hot-rod your own. From rare vintage classics to roaring modern icons, every variation is delivered in the distinctive voicing of that amp style. The intuitive amp-like controls on Tech 21 Character Series pedals let you get your hands dirty from the get-go while you explore decades of blistering tones.

Being a genuine SansAmp, each Tech 21 Character Series pedal is way more than a stompbox. Each pedal can be used as a stand-alone pre-amp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, with the rich SansAmp cabinet emulation that sounds huge&mmdash;even straight into a computer soundcard. Or plug the Tech 21 VT Bass SansAmp Character Series Bass Pedal into your bass guitar amp to take your tone on the road.

Tech 21 Tech 21 VT Bass SansAmp Character Series Bass Pedal Specifications:

  • Character control sweeps through an entire range of tonal possibilities, modifying frequency response, attack, and drive

    Character Control settings:
  • Below 12 o'clock: '70s powerhouse SVT sound
  • Around 12 o'clock: the studio-staple flip-top sound
  • Above 12 o'clock: increases gain and crunch for modern-rock and indie bass sounds
  • Full-up: distorted bass tones ranging from Yes to Crimson to King's X sound.
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