Thonet & Vander Spiel Wooden Bookshelf Speakers 2.1

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  • When designing Spiel we wanted to provide a great flow of sound in a compact size. This is a product that harmonizes the aesthetics of any space. Without using up too much space, its acoustic quality gives life to your room. Ideal for everyday desktop use.

    Spiel has an output power of 16 watt RMS, 8 watts in the central speaker and 4 watts in each of the satellites. Special for watching movies, playing video games and listening to music with quality and potency.


    Spiel is a compact device that can play in a balanced and precise way all kinds of sound. It stands out for its quality and performance when playing basses. It was developed for optimizing sound dimensions. Our goal was to provide great clarity and power in a compact size


    In Spiel™ simplicity is enhanced by the confluence of curves and straight lines. A set of geometries of different sizes and shapes come together in harmony in this exquisite design. It is a compact design, exactly 150 x 205 x 216 mm, and the perfect fit for any room. The satellites’ feet elevate them, focusing the sound towards the user.


    It is a natural polymer of high density that when combined, generates a more rigid and dense material than the MDF manufactured today. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.


    It is a technology that allows you to isolate the sound of external interference, allowing a pure and crystal clear sound flow without noises’ irruptions.


    This protective cloth works as a shield,protecting the drivers from any damage and from all kinds of harmful agents. This helps to take care of both sound quality and equipment performance.


    The Bass Reflex Sound enhances the sound expelled through the rear of the diaphragm. This way the resonance system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of low frequencies.


    Each satellite has a 2.5- inch mid-range made entirely in lignin cane fiber*- just like the central speaker- which allows an excellent performance. The suspending ring is made of rubber, which optimizes the movement of the coil.


    The central speaker has a 4-inch woofer made entirely of cane lignin fiber*. This natural polymer is ultra-durable and lightweight, optimizing the driver’s performance. The upper suspension ring is made of rubber, allowing greater displacement sensitivity.

    3.5mm STEREO INPUT(incorporated):

    Thanks to the 3.5 mm stereo input you can easily connect your device to your computer and to any player device that has stereo output: tablet, smartphone, notebook, PC, TV.


    The speaker has a wired remote control which allows you to adjust volume. It has an ergonomic design and is touching sensitive, which allows calibrating the sound in detail.


    Saving energy is part of the preservation of the environment, one of our main goals. That´s why our speakers have an on/off switch that completely interrupts the power supply. This allows energy savings when the speaker is not being used.

    Thonet & Vander Spiel Technical specifications:
    • Power Output: 16W RMS (8W + 4W x 2)
    • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz
    • Acoustic Box Material: Wooden box HDAA
    • Acoustic Box Size: 150 x 205 x 216 mm
    • Driver Size: Woofer 4"
    • Driver Material: Cane Lignin
    • Impedance/Power: 4 Ω 15W
    • Satellite Size: 80 x 80 x 160 mm
    • Mid-Range Size: 2.5"
    • Mid-Range Material: Cane Lignin
    • Impedance/Power: 4 Ω 5W
    • Antimagnetic Shield: yes
    • Controls: volume
    • Remote Control: yes
    • Inputs: 3.5mm stereo input(incorporated)
    • Color: Black
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