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Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Bansuri

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The Bansuri has been a traditional Indian instrument for centuries. The transverse Bansuri has been used majorly in folk music and eventually found its way into Indian classical music as well. 
Majorly popular in the North of India, the Bansuri has its counterparts in Carnatic music as well. These are called Carnatic flutes which differ in the way of the placement of the holes and the number. The North Indian Bansuri is made from the finest quality of bamboo which is brought from Northern or North Eastern India. This allows the Bamboo to be node free. An excellent Bansuri takes over 2 years to make, which includes the washing, drying, oiling of the Bamboo. These Bansuris are meticulously crafted and diligently checked before dispatch.

Ultimate Guru  Concert Grade Bansuri Features are:

  • Transverse instrument
  • 1 blowing hole and 7 playing holes.
  • Made from excellent quality Bamboo
  • Special care taken to determine the diameter of the flute in order for the intonation
  • Checked by Ultimate Guru Music

Package includes

  • One finely tuned Ultimate Guru Bansuri

Dimensions (inches)

  • A  ~ 22.5
  • A# ~ 22
  • B ~ 21
  • C ~ 20.5
  • C# ~ 20
  • D ~ 19.5
  • D# ~ 19
  • E ~ 18
  • F ~ 17
  • F# ~ 16
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