Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Pakhawaj

Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Pakhawaj

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Used all over northern India and a popular double-handed drum used in Dhrupad, Kathak dance, Bollywood rhythms and fusion recordings, the Pakhawaj is regarded as the oldest and most majestic Indian percussion instrument. The drum features powerful bass sounds that are deeper and lower than the Mridangam, and is full of rich and high tones, harmonics and overtones on the treble drum.

In addition to concert grade sound, Pakhawaj includes master craftsmanship that includes lowered gajra ( drum border) to maximize playing comfort.

The bass skin which is larger is placed on the left side. And the smaller treble skin is typically placed on the right.

To bring out the deep bass sound, wheat dough (atta) needs to be applied to the center of the bass drum skin. Alternatively, plastercine-type materials can also be applied and are sold separately by bajaao.

Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Pakhawaj Features are:
  • Made from the finest quality Sheesham wood
  • Made by master craftsman Somnath Kakade from Pune
  • Tuned To D# . Can be tuned all the way to E# (Sharp), or down to C# (Sharp)
  • Hand made pudis and hand made gajras
  • Lowered gajras for better comfort while playing. Thumbs will not hit the gajras, which is a common and painful complaint for average quality Pakhawajs
  • Quality tested by Ultimate Guru and checked manually before dispatch. 
  • Made in India
  • HDP cases available separately for flight travel.
  • "Thoppi" or tuning paste for Pakhawaj for excellent bass,  sold separately

Package includes :

One finely tuned Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Pakhawaj


  • Height: 20 Inches
  • Bass Drum Face Diameter: 10 Inches (Including rim)
  • Treble Drum Face Diameter: 8.5 Inches (Including rim)
  • Largest Circumference: 34 Inches (Including Vadi).
  • Weight : 6 kgs

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