Ultimate Guru Concert Grade Thanjavur Thavil

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The Thavil is a rare South Indian percussion Instrument that was earlier used in Folk and temple music but now has found its place in Carnatic music as well. It is often used as an accompaniment in Nadaswaram. Made in Thanjavur, the Thavil is played with a stick and finger caps made of fibre. The uniqueness of the instrument is such that a good Thavil is very tough to find. The instrument is made from a single block of jackfruit wood and the heads have two different skins. The singular wooden block ensures that the resonance of the instrument remains high. Also, the thickness of the wood plays a vital role in the sound of the drum. 

Ultimate Guru Thavvil features are :

  • Made from high quality jack fruit wood.
  • High tensile strength for metal straps
  • Light coloured wooded finish
  • Sturdy instrument
  • Finger caps included
  • Has attached strap to wear around shoulders
  • Checked by Ultimate Guru
  • Made in India

Package includes 

  • One Ultimate Guru Thavil
  • Finger cap and Stick set
  • Cover for Thavvil head
  • Bag for Thavvil
  • Height :  inches
  • Width :  inches
  • Depth : inches
  • Weight : kgs


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