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Vault APEX 49 USB MIDI Keyboard - Open Box

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Open Box Gear are products returned by customers, and are inspected and certified by Bajaao to be in full working order. Products may have minor scratches, dents, missing or damaged original box, or missing manuals, cables or accessories. . All Open Box sales are final.
Open Box deals are great for those willing to overlook minor cosmetic flaws, for a fully functional product at a discounted price
Condition : Light minor scratches & dents

Vault APEX 49 USB MIDI Keyboard Overview:

49-key Professional Studio MIDI Keyboard
This professional studio MIDI keyboard mirrors some of the best of the market in features and customization ability. Armed to the teeth with various control points, this unit is the perfect all in one solution for professional MIDI recording and editing.

49 Full-Size Keys
The APEX 49 packs in 49 full size piano keys, making it a great choice for both live and studio work. The keys are unweighted, which is ideal for synth playing, and have a smooth glossy finish to them.

Pitch Shift and Modulation Wheels
Smooth rolling wheels for pitch shifting and modulation give the user the ability to bend notes and apply varying degrees of modulation in real time. This can be done either whilst recording or post recording if your DAW allows for on the fly automation recording.

Packed full of Features
9 smooth channel faders allow you to mix levels within your DAW at the touch of a finger. 8 function knobs can be assigned as MIDI controllers for your DAW's rotary functions, such as panning, cut-off and resonance, and much more. It also features a drum pad section for the percussionist in all of us. The keyboard even has the option to plug in assignable footswitch controllers.

Assignable Transport buttons
One of the great features of this keyboard controller is the transport section. With 6 labelled buttons for play, stop, record, scrub left, scrub right and fast forward, it's incredibly easy to navigate around your DAW recording session. These buttons can also be assigned to any instantaneous function you want.

8-piece Drum Pads
8 rubber drum pads make it super to play in drum patterns. It's perfect for fleshing out those beats with an authentically human feel. The pads are assigned by default to the most common MIDI notes for a software drum kit (C2 Bass Drum).

Complete Control
You can map every knob, button, key, or pad to any MIDI signal. In addition, you can choose from 6 different velocity curves for the keys, so you can customize the playability to your personal playing style. You can also customize many other software settings as detailed in the manual.


  • 8 trigger pads with velocity. 2 Assignable Pedal Interfaces (PEDAL A, PEDAL B), which can be assigned as 135 controllers.
  • 8 Assignable Dials, 8 Assignable Slider, each dial can establish an independent channel.
  • 6 Buttons for MMC. 1 Master Volume Slider. 8 double Function buttons with shift, providing 15 functions like PROGRAM, CHANNEL, VEL-CURVE, OCTAVE, TRANSPOSE.
  • Built-in Memory, which can store/load 6 groups of user's parameter. USB interface, adaptable to USB 2.0(FULL SPEED).
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 and Mac OSX. Drive free and hot-plug supported.
  • Dimensions: 76 x 5.6 x 27cm

Note: The power adapter is not included.

Package List:

  • 1 X APEX 49 MIDI Keyboard
  • 1 X USB Cable
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