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Vault Dampening Gel Pad for Drummers and Percussionists to Dampen/Control Overtones.

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Vault Dampening Gel Pads

Vault Performer Pad for Drummers and for Dampening/Controlling Overtones.

The Vault Performer Pad is a kit that includes 4 pads which you can call "Drum Jellies" similar to the Moon Gels, which can be used to control the Harmonic overtones of your Drumset.
In this box, you get 2 round shaped pads and 2 waffle shaped pads which can be used for various applications designed for controlling overtones.
The benefit of the round gel pads is that you can choose to eliminate the number of harmonics from the drum by simply attaching the smaller ring on the rim and the larger ring on the skin of your snare or tom. Now decide how much dampening you need to apply by applying one simple movement, dampen all those annoying rings out.
The Vault Performer Pad can also be applied to eliminate the resonance from the skin of toms or even be applied to floor toms. Giving you the perfect fit and ease of adjustability.  
The larger waffle shaped pad can be used for eliminating those extra rings where more than 3-4 pads need to be used, over here one does the trick.
Now reuse these pads by simply putting them under running water and they regain the stickiness in no time.

Vault Performer Pad is the only adjustable drum gel and performance pad for drums in the world, due to its super stickiness:

  • you can easily tune your drum head
  • you can adjust and customize the damping effect
  • you can stick it on the resonant head
  • you can stick it on your cymbals
  • you can stick accessories on your snare
  • washing it can totally restore its original stickiness.
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