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Vault TL1 Solid Body 6 String Electric Guitar

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Vault electric guitars provide you with bang for buck. Every guitar is designed to have universal appeal, every component is selected to be of the finest quality, giving you unexpected value and a great playing experience. The brand's designers are long-standing free masons who believe in the sharing of traditional knowledge. Vault guitars use techniques and components found only in high-end guitars usually costing five times as much. By selling direct from factory to customer, Vault bypasses distributor and retailer markups, passing on large savings to customers. The result is a quality and feature-rich guitars at a truly value price.

Vault TL1 Telecaster Style Electric Guitar
The Vault TL1 Telecaster Style Electric Guitar is sure to stand out among other instruments in your collection. The chrome plating on the guitar's hardware ensures corrosion resistance and immense durability. The body of the guitar is constructed out of basswood, which imparts adequate stiffness. This tonewood variety produces clean tones with well-defined treble notes. The maple/rosewood construction of the fretboard provides warm, mellow tones. The maple neck produces bright tones with tight lows. Maple is resistant to climatic changes and guarantees longevity. As a result, you obtain sounds rich in fundamentals. This guitar is equipped with an Humbucker-Singlecoil pickup system, which offers versatile playability for a wide range of applications.

Double Action Truss Rod

Vault guitars use a double action truss rod, which is only available in high-end guitars from Ibanez, Fender, PRS and the likes. It offers the advantage of adjusting the guitar for humid as well as dry climates. The truss rod can be tightened in both directions and the reverse warp dreaded by guitarists, which causes string buzzing, can easily be fixed.

Humbucker-Singlecoil Pickup System

Low-noise high-output pickups which give you exemplarily sound. Humbucker Bridge Pickup and Singlecoil neck Pickup construction gives a wide range of tone outputs, 3-Way Pickup selector gives a versatile combination. All pickups come with saddle adjustment screws.

High-Quality Tuners

High-quality chrome-plated nickel die cast tuners with a 14:1 tuning ratio, which allows for fine-tuning your instrument. These tuners are only found in high-end guitars.


Jumbo Frets

Jumbo frets used in Vault are only found in premium guitars. Jumbo frets are made with a thicker gauge wire, and consequently the top of the fret is further away from the fretboard. Advantages include- you can get your fretting-hand fingers further down in the gap to the side of the string, allowing you to put sideward pressure on the string more easily.

Fixed Bridge Construction

The fixed hardtail bridge provides tuning stability and a solid focused sound as well as facilitating easier and faster string changes for the player learning the ins and outs of the instrument.




Category Vault Tele
Tuning Pegs (Type & Ratio) 14:1 High-Quality Chrome-Plated Nickel Die Cast Tuners
Truss Rod Dual Action
Frets Vintage Jumbo
Fretboard Wood Rosewood/Maple
Neck Wood Maple
Body Wood Basswood
Neck Shape C Shape
Fretboard Radius 9.5" (241 mm)
Neck Width - Nut 42mm
Neck Width - 24 F 58mm
Body Type Solid Body Single Cutaway
Pickup Config SH
Scale Length 25.5" (648 Mm)
Bridge 6-Saddle Chrome Strings-Through-Body Tele With Chrome Barrel Saddles (Fixed Hardtail Bridge)


This product includes Beginner's Guide to Learning Guitar E-book


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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Review after usage

I always wanted a telecaster but wasn't sure, so I went for this affordable one, and the single coil and humbucker pickup combination is working pretty well for me, you can go for thia guitar undoubtedly. Check out my video review of this guitar.

Value for money

Probably one of the best telecaster you'd get at this price range. It make it so versatile with a single coil and a humbucker pick in this price rather that 2 single coil traditionally found in Fender telecasters.
So you get to play blues, jass as well as rock and metal too.
Undoubtedly go for it, thanks Bajaao, thanks Vault.

Crisp, bright tones.

Take some time to set up the guitar and it plays like a dream

It's a good product, sounds is great and beautiful


But shipping charge is too much...

Good product... the guitar is made for Indies, Clean, Jazz lover only... if you want to play Metal or any kind of rock music change the single coil hambucker and replace it with double coil pick ups... And one thing you'll need to change the saddle settings it's too high...and strings are rusted... Never mind I bought D'addario XL... Overall the guitar is good... Love the color

Needs proper setting up !

For 9k, it's worth the money and the headache to get it to a low string-height without fret buzz ! But, once you do, and you will, coz the wood still smells RAW, and it will keep requiring your keen eye/ear, for regular setting up. So far, I've kept the string height bit high, because I don't want to give the truss rod too much juice right away. I'll gradually see if it settles in nice when the wood matures. Few, scratches here and there, especially on the knob plate. But, that's ok. Sound : Freaking sweet man! Especially Aeolians and Phrygians. Like, it's very Led-Zeppelin-ish on the bridge humbucker ! The neck one is usual cheap strat like. You gotta OD the hell out of it with the neck pickup to get some good tones. So far, hasn't given me any noise. Amazingly, feels super silent for it's price. Just hope the quality holds up. Also, really wasn't expecting Bajaao to send the guitar properly set up. Sigh! Such a chore!

Product Review


Great product

Best for the beginners