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VOX Tone Garage Straight 6 Drive TG1-ST60D Effector and Overdrive

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  • Tone Garage Series
    Without compromising the sound of the guitar tell perfect until the delicate nuances of the guitarist and with sound character of the one and only... Effector to surpass this area could not be done only in luxury hand-made effect, it is the Tone Garage series. Stoic obsessions, such as vacuum tubes, bbd analog-computer parts, up to perhaps design concept based on the unique identity of discrete circuits were refined, VOX tradition, battery-driven history of VOX 200 v high voltage and tube to drive new development "Hi-Volt" technology, Pinnacle effects. 3 Flat 4 Boost 12AX7, and produce real tube drive sound, Straight 6 Drive, V8 Distortion distortion models based effector, a variety of octave fuzz covering 3 octaves multi-function analog delay adopting Trike Fuzz, bbd Double Deca Delay and 5 in all model lineup. Maniac sound full of originality from the analog sound also goes on the road until the range.
    VOX tradition British Overdrive, Straight 6 Drive.
    Wide dynamic range of VOX are good, full of British taste overdrive. If the bright switch, humbucker equipped guitar even high can get a glittering British sound of smash. Is the overdrive and suitable for a wide range of genres, all round.
    Stoic yet in the discrete circuits honed.
    Eliminating the integrated circuit operational amplifier IC, internal structure of the tone Garage series, dedicated to single parts such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, coils. It's IE, sticking to discrete circuit. Stoic yet to use design ideas honed through carefully selected parts. Good response, tell the perfect subtle picking nuances of guitarist.
    When the effect off also true bypass specification for peace of mind.
    Boasting its sound quality were excellent, as well, giving care to bypass sound. No tone Garage series is a true bypass specification, so compromising the guitar sound even when the effects off. Also, of the for on/off switch is used for small signal relay high-performance sound Jesse guitar sound can be output unchanged.
    In a robust aluminium die-cast body excellent durability.
    Dressed in a tough aluminum die cast body Tone Garage series is excellent durability. A hard stage performance also corresponds to perfect. Also the flashy graphics just looking at a high tension will naturally enters the power to play. You can glimpse into the internal circuit of the vacuum tube in the power source, not only sound, VOX tradition of excellent design is exerted on looks.


    • Input impedance: 1 M Ω
    • Output impedance :2.2k Ω
    • Tube: ECC83/12 AX7
    • Input and output pin :INPUT pin x1, the OUTPUT Terminal x 1
    • Power supply: 6 x AA type batteries or AC adapter
    • Vacuum tube operating voltage: 200 V
    • Current consumption: 240 mA
    • Battery life: 7 hours
    • Dimensions: 87 (W) x 132 (D) x 63 (H) mm
    • Weight: 420 g
    • Accessories: AA battery x 6
    • Optional AC adapter (sold separately)


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