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Vox VGS30 Guitar Cable

Shop Brand : Vox

BAJAAO introduces, the VOX VGS–30 Rock Guitar/Bass Cable. The VGS30 is specially selected, tuned stranded conductors give optimum performance and a classic rock sound.

The VOX VGS–30 Rock Guitar/Bass Cable is three metres long(9.8 feet)

In addition, the VOX VGS–30 Rock Guitar/Bass Cable features 24K gold–plated connectors for maximum corrosion resistance and signal flow, and are double shielded to provide maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Specifications of the Vox VGS30:

  • Multi–gauge coaxial cable geometry optimised and specially tuned for either electric guitar, electric bass or electro–acoustic guitars.
  • Pure oxygen–free copper for maximum signal transfer.
  • Polypropylene dielectric enables stronger signals and better high frequencies.
  • 24K gold–plated connectors for long life and corrosion resistance.

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