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Workhorse Powerhouse - 10 Channel Power Rack

Shop Brand : Radial Engineering

Using strong, superior 14 gauge steel with a baked enamel finish for greater durability and maximum protection from electronic noise and physical abuse from the road, the Radial Powerhouse 500 10-Slot Rack is an easy and safe choice. Just align the PCB connector to the 15 pin card edge receptacle with the 'easy glide' slider tray to swap modules.

The rear panel has a complete array of XLR I/O to the mixer or workstation. This is augmented with a series of _" TRS connectors that enable cross-patching and open the door to the excitement of parallel signal processing.

The Powerhouse incorporates an innovative feed switch that instantly connects the signal to the adjacent module, instead of having to hard patch modules together using a cable. Creating signal chains is fast, with no extra cables needed and, unlike older racks requiring soldered connections for using the modules in stereo, the Powerhouse has a stereo link function that works with a simple flick of a switch.

The Powerhouse delivers more flexibility than all others.
Older racks have been limited to an average of 130 milliamps per slot, but the Powerhouse comes with a 1600 milliamp power supply that lets you share the power as needed. This means 300 milliamps goes to your two tube preamps, while leaving over 1000 milliamps left to use on you other equipment.

As with all Workhorse racks, the Powerhouse is equipped with extra safety features for absolute confidence when mixing and matching various brands.

  • 10-slot design for maximum density
  • Individual XLR & _" TRS i/o on each slot
  • Easy-Glide module alignment tray
  • Innovative feed and link functions
  • Extra safety features to use with different module brands
  • 1600 milliamp power supply shares with more modules at a time


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