Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless Unit

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Introducing the Xvive U2 the guitar wireless unit you were looking for. Most wireless systems are hampered by several pitfalls, which makes them unusable to many players. Xvive has addressed all of these issues by making the U2 the sweetest thing in the world of wireless guitar tech. Many wireless systems feature an awkward plug pack, which works great for some guitars, but not all. However, the U2 is easy to please, accommodating Strat players, bass and acoustics with a swivel transmitter that can attach on front, side or rear mounted guitar jacks. The transmitter and receiver are both extremely tiny, making for tidy connections both on and off the pedalboard. There are no mysterious ways about the U2: simply plug the transmitter into your guitar, and the receiver into your amp or pedalboard, and turn both on. Next, just select one of 4 channels indicated by the number of blinks after pressing a single button. Like every completely wireless device, the U2 needs to be charged, and doing so is a breeze. The U2 contains a USB y-cable for easy charging of both transmitter and receiver when not in use, and the charge holds for five solid hours, enough to handle the most demanding gigs. The broadcasting frequency is an extremely wide 20Hz-20kHz for all guitar applications, and a 100-foot range ensures that you can walk away from your rig untethored. Best of all, the latency is a trivial six milliseconds for delay-free note reproduction no matter where in the venue you are.

More than 100 feet range, Line-0-site outdoors
Less than 6ms Latency, Simultaneous broadcasts on four channels
Broad 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response
5 hours of battery life (Rechargable Lithuim Battery)
Comes with transmitter, receiver and all necessary accessories including cable,batteries
2.4GHz band is optimal for guitar wireless, approved for use in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.