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Yamaha MSP5 STUDIO Powered Studio Monitor

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Rs. 23,300
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maheswaran M
Center piece of my studio

Over the ears, I was using an M Audio BX8a which did give me good results, but I still had the urge to check the material across a wide range of speakers before publishing. Ever since these babies started spitting sound, whatever the MSP5s say is final. Great translation from DAW to even your mobile phone speakers. While the size makes me still cross check with my old monitors, these are pretty much the ones I've trained my ears to listen to nowadays.

Yeeman Kalita
Best value for money.

Yamaha MSP5 are the best monitors in this range. Very truthful & translates very well in the mix. They produce good bass though the driver is only 5 inch. Does a good job at high output too. Ideal for small rooms.

Best for studio

Owesome sound thats all for this giagantic pair

Rakesh Sharma
excellent in it's price

i am using my msp5 for last 2 yrs. it has great flat response. i do all my mixes in msp5. thnx to yamaha for this.

Hammock Universe
Professional grade monitors at mid-range prices

Build quality: Built like a TANK!!! That is the first thing one notices about this powerful pair, I got mine from the US. I have been using these for 3 years now, and they are as good as new. Make no mistake, this is a long-term purchase. These will outlive you (unless you immerse them in beer regularly)10/10Sound: Now, the most important part: the Sound!!Frequency resolution: A lot of hype has been created around perfectly flat responses. Frankly, that B.S. What matters a lot more is frequency resolution - how fine can you hear? These things are absolutely crazy - I have been able to hear things I can't on my KRK 6s.Frequency Response: Flatter than cheap monitors. However, not as sterile as, say, Genelecs or Questeds which cost 3 to 4 times the price at times. There is definitely some extra bass. However, you can adjust the curve a little with the filter knobs at the back. This is not a deal breaker though. It just stands out because the rest of the package is so tight. Also, a little extra low end oomph, isn't really a bad thing.Trebles and super highs: Clearly audible and detailedMids: Exceptionally detailed.Bass: Shaves off at 70Hz or so - these are 5'' drivers, you really cannot expect them to go lower. Yamaha has boosted the bass a bit to add a bit of balance. This is adjustable from the +/- 1.5db filter knobs at the back. I would recommend a sub though for professional mixes (given your mixing room is large enough). People have used it with Yamaha SW10, HS 10 - and it produces great results with all of them.Stereo imaging: Again - perfect. However, I will put in a caveat: this is much more a function of your room than the speakers. My room is acoustically treated.Overall Sound: 9/10 (only because I have heard better on monitors that cost 1.5lakh+ /per. At this price range, you cannot ask for more)Service and after sales: Never had a problem. I have had Yamaha keyboards though. Yamaha's service is great in Indian ...