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Zoom G3 Guitar Multi-effects Processor version 2.0

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Zoom G3 Guitar Multi-effects Processor version 2.0

BAJAAO India presents the Zoom G3 Multi-effects Pedal. With the power of an advanced multi-effects unit, the convenience of a pedalboard, and the versatility of a USB audio interface, the Zoom G3 guitar effects and amp simulator pedal is your go-to all-purpose guitar super tool. Three large LCD displays and footswitches give you a genuine stomp-box experience, and individual controls for effects and amp molding make the G3 an invaluable live tool. Create and store up to 100 original tones using 100 built-in DSP effects. Other features, such as an onboard drum machine and a built in 40-second looper are especially handy for private practice. In the studio, you'll love the G3's USB and XLR outputs. And because the it comes with both Zoom's Edit & Share preset software and Steinberg's Sequal LE recording software, you'll get even more out of your G3 when you hook it up to your computer!

Zoom G3 Specifications:

  • 3 large LCD displays and footswitches
  • Amp or stomp box effects can be used in any combination
  • Authentic amp modeling simulates amps, cabinets and mics separately
  • Over 100 built-in DSP effects
  • Create and store up to 100 original tones
  • Integrated drum machine
  • Looper function with 40 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing
  • USB audio interface for DAW recording (Mac and PC)
  • Includes Edit & Share and Steinberg Sequal LE recording software
  • Over 6 hours of operation using 4 AA batteries, as well as USB bus and AC power
  • Includes AC Adapter.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best processor in the budget

This processor has awesome features including a drum machine, looper and can thus be used for creating cool improv music. I would recommend getting the g3x as it has the pedal as well which adds to the features

Best buy

whether its crushing metal or classic 12 bar blues this little guy can handle it all. The construction is very rugged and sturdy, the foot switches have a nice resistance to them so there is no accidental change in tone in a live scenario. The amp models are decent and the effects can be edited quite easily. The zoom g3 can be easily hooked up to an expression pedal and to a computer. The zoom edit and share software allows you to edit and store patches using your computer. you can even record your guitar using the USB, which offers a very very low latency. It reacts positively to you rolling off your volume and going to a cleaner sound. you can easily run a stereo setup using the left and right outputs. The zoom g3 has a ground lift switch so there will be no grounding issues and unwanted noise. It also has a balanced line out (xlr) which can be routed to pre or post effects, this means you can record DI tracks while listening to processed tone while recording. A GOOD BUDGET EFFECTS PROCESSOR.

Great and easy to use effects processor!!

I actually bought this off a music shop near me and it cost me around 17k. And i regret it now because bajaao.com is really scoring with its discounts and cheap prices for good products like these. Now about the product: The three incredibly large screens and foot switches is a boon for playing live and sets it apart because these screens seem bigger compared to other units. All the high gain tones are mind blowing, proves that this is a handy effects processor for any metal guitarist. Although the acoustic sound presets are not all that great. Even though there are even better products from Zoom, the zoom G3 is an effects processor that is worthy of this price and an irreplaceable unit with no competent rivals in its class.

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